Theme and Layout

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ploneintranet.theme provides a Diazo theme that loads all the CSS and JavaScript resources as defined in the Ploneintranet Prototype.

Additionally, it has a very few minimal template overrides.

The intent is, that you can replace the theme for easy CSS and Diazo based restyling.

Note however, that much of our frontend design is expressed in view markup that is not set by the theme, but rather across the whole ploneintranet code base.

Plone Intranet content browser views are not aiming for Plone out of the box Barceloneta rendering.

You should not add browser logic to the theme. Add browser logic to the package whose content it renders, or to ploneintranet.layout if it’s generic view logic.


ploneintranet.layout contains browser views needed to support ploneintranet.theme but extracted from the theme to separate “theme as CSS” concerns from “theme as layout” concerns.

It contains a number of generic view components, like the homepage Dashboard.

In addition, it defines and supports App-specific Browser Layers to enable per-app view overrides for default Plone content types.