Plone Intranet API

The ploneintranet.api package provides a simple developer API to the most commonly used features of ploneintranet.

Disabling event handlers

Sometimes, e.g. during a transmogrifier import, you want to disable certain event handers, either because you don’t want their autocreation effects, or because they’re computationally costly.

This becomes especially important because of the async nature of the costly heavy lifting handlers. In case of a long-running original request (say, a deep copy or a big import) the async job may fire before the original request is completed. In that case, because the original request has not yet committed, the async job has nothing to work on, which leads to rescheduling of async jobs, a lot of log noise, and much developer head scratching.

So, just disable that stuff. Each of these has alternatives that can be used for ex-post batch fixing:

  • Solr indexing can be done post-hoc with the @@solr-maintenance view
  • There’s a subtree reindexing view too somewhere
  • Preview generation can be done post-hoc via @@generate-previews-for-contents and its async variant
  • Microblog content updates can be created post-hoc by running the ploneintranet.microblog:default > discuss older docs upgrade step.

Microblogging API

Previews API

User Profile API